lundi 24 septembre 2007

forgetting english and other stupid things I did

I am torn between the language I love and the language I want to learn. With each day that passes, I find it harder and harder to speak good English. French is pushing the English out. It's like a rugby match between France and England. Or America. Are there pro rugby teams in America? Anyway, like today, I was talking to a friend in English, and another friend passed by me, saying stuff in French, and I replied in French, and then I returned to my English friend and spoke in French. Argh. I also confuse the two, adding (and subtracting) unneeded prepositions to my English phrases, forgetting common English vocabulary. I have saved texts on the internet that'll remind me what good English is (I've posted them in the post below). Walden, Self-Reliance, unpublished Salinger stories. They also serve to keep me on the path of growth and self-discovery.

I am still, however, shy with my French, which'll make it harder for me to make friends, I'm sure. No one's friend's with a mute. But I can get around okay. Barbara had mentioned that people can still live in France without learning the language. I feel that that is me, right now. I don't want to underestimate myself, but maybe I am on par with a French child. Maybe lower. And I'm going to attend a French university.
How does that happen?

It's a sheer miracle that my camera isn't broken. I dropped it twice already. Once on my hard brick floor in my studio and another on a cobblestone street in front of this bookstore, Shakesspeare and Co. Which is an amazing store, just go inside it, and you'll know why. They have a lot of books in English. I think the clerk saw me and thought I was some stupid tourist.So if you're looking for a hearty camera with great features and that still has the simplicity of a point and shoot, go for the Canon Powershot A640. I swear, they're not paying me.

Also, today I was able to register for classes at St. Denis, but NO ONE TOLD ME. Which is seriously messed up. I came to class all happy 'cuz I just bought the bestest grammar book in the world that I know is going to save my life as well as Le Parfum by Patrick Suskind, which I've been wanting to read for a while. Both are in French. I come to class and find that half of my class went to St. Denis to register for classes. No one even told me! MICEFA didn't even tell me. What the heck? That's so not cool. Anyway, I'm going tomorrow after class. It'll be okay. I hope. Here are some tasty things that I've recently eaten or drank:This yummy nutella crepe I bought nearby my place where I sometimes buy paninis. And the owner is pretty cool, and he recognizes me and gave me a card that he'll stamp whenever I buy a panini, and my 10th panini is free! I can taste it already.Made this espresso at home, and I have cute little sugars that the student before me left!UPDATE: I changed one of my albums to "paris - cool", which'll feature things that I think are cool. They'll mostly be stores or something modern or old, but definitely not famous enough to be in "monuments". Also added the album "mes choses", which'll feature recent things that I purchased for my survival (or because I wanted them. ;)

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