mercredi 21 mai 2008

presque fini

School is almost at an end. Had 2 "finals" this week. They were just tests, really. After our test today, we went to BIA for our final "l'histoire de Paris" lunch. We finished the test early and got there around 11, and they don't serve lunch until 12 so we got American coffees and studied for our next classes or did some homework in our cozy little booth in the back. At noon, we ordered our delicious burgers and shared nachos. Oh American cuisine...

So it was a nice French style lunch since we were at the restaurant for more than 3 hours, haha. Then Taylor and Topher walked in and saw us and were all, "Thanks for not inviting us!" Afterwards, Melissa wanted to study a little before her next class so we went to another café down the street, le Café Barnum. A nice café on rue Monge. The waiter was really sweet and slightly impressed by our French accents, haha. Especially Melissa's, haha. He was funny though. I got a demi-citron and Lucia a demi-pèche (beer and peach syrup), and when he put our drinks down he said, "Here is the demi-citron, I think. And the demi-pèche...I think." But he got it right.

I like the idea of studying with a beer. It sounds counter-productive, but it's like studying with coffee. It's nice. And I'm savoring the beer. One demi, and I'm good.

We studied for an hour or so and went our separate ways. I was done for the day, so I walked around to burn off the burger and went to H&M to see if I can find something nice to wear for our final MICEFA dinner tomorrow. The dinner is going to be just up the street from me! Nice.