samedi 24 mai 2008

"I know I can make it through!"

Yesterday was Taylor's birthday. It was originally going to be at Lily's, but she had to go back to the States, so I suggested mine since it's fairly large enough for 6 or 7 people. Everyone brought something alcoholic and something solid, so there was more than enough wine, beer, and food to go around. For hors d'oeuvres, small salami sandwiches, pan roasted potatoes (originally for dinner, but everyone was eating them!), olives, cheese and crackers, gummy bears. For dinner, salad, a roast chicken, and grilled aubergines. For dessert, Taylor's chocolate mousse birthday cake, of course, with mini ice cream cones on the side.

Taylor brought his Degrassi: The Next Generation dvds and we watched a couple episodes and assigned characters to each of us. This was my first time watching it, but I really liked it. I could see the 8-10th grade me watching this stuff, and I wish I did. Lots of laughs around my small, round table.

Today, I've got a drawing class, and it should be good since it's nice out. I don't know where we're drawing, hopefully a garden somewhere.