jeudi 22 mai 2008

the final dinner

Just got back from the final MICEFA dinner with all the CSU kids. It was really tasty and fun and just up the street from my studio. Had to say goodbye to Lily who's leaving tomorrow. Rosalie was enthusiastic as usual (she says Hi, Mom and Dad!), and it was nice to see her and Fred there as well as their kids (who are really in their 20s). Rosalie's speech before dinner was so funny. She said, "You're not better or're just different." I don't know why that made me laugh so hard at the table. I'm weird.

In retrospect, I had a really great time in Paris despite some trying moments, but I really learned a lot from them, and I'm glad they happened because they would not have led to the place where I'm at right now which is a very nice place both in a spiritual and physical sense. This was a really good year as a whole, probably the best of all my college years. I don't think I could stay in Paris for longer, but maybe in another city in Europe. I just feel like I got what I needed out of this year here and now I can move on to another city. I've never had that feeling in any city before, the feeling that the time you spent there was enough. But Paris...Paris was good for a year. A school year, at least.

So it was a good night, and I was gutsy and apologized to someone about my being weird (long story that you don't get to know) and that was a really huge step for me since it's really hard for me to be apologetic on a deeper level, and I feel so much better, and said person accepted my apology so that was nice.