vendredi 16 mai 2008

hey, it's late.

I just got in from my friend's going away get together. She's leaving this Tuesday. It's all winding down pretty fast.

I didn't get into any advanced film production classes. To be honest, this really sucks. So I'll have to crash them when I get back. When stuff happens like this, I get this deep, quiet rage inside of me, but the energy always channels into something good. Good. It happened when I didn't get into my film production class last year, and I was effing persistent and annoying, and she let me in. And I proved to the prof and the TAs that I deserved to be there by working my ass off, and they later told me how happy there were to have me in class.

So this not getting in...can be a good thing. Just another one of those effing film challenges that I must face.

And if doesn't work out, I can always take it out at my backyard shooting range with my air-soft gun.