jeudi 15 mai 2008

eat it like a sandwich

School was blah today. Went to Musee D'Orsay to cheer my spirits/people watch/write. Left when too many people kept walking past me while I was writing. It was a nice hour. Then went to my cafe to get a demi-citron (Stella with lemon syrup). Did some writing there, then my waiter spied on me too to see what I was writing! Boo.

The best thing was, this Australian man in front of me ordered a sandwich. He spoke the basic French phrases like "Merci" and "Bonjour". When his waiter left, he said to me, "Parlez-vous anglais?" I said yes. He asked, "How do I eat this?"

"It's a sandwich. You eat it like a sandwich."

I smiled trying not to laugh, and the waiter came over asking what was wrong, and the Aussie explained what he was asking me, and the waiter and I looked at each other with this collective thought in our heads and just smiled. The whole thing made my day.

Then an amazing dinner with friends, lots of laughing and stories. Good food, beer, wine, dessert. I had a really good time. Thanks everyone.