mercredi 12 septembre 2007

faire du shopping

In an attempt to look more French and less like a tourist, my friends and I decided to do some shopping. Now, I know my money situation isn't that great since it's all going toward my rent and food, BUT I do think that a nice pair of every day flats are in order. In America, I love standing out and being unique and individual, but here I don't want to be treated as a tourist but as an inhabitant and in order for that to happen, I must look the part. I have a pair of fancy flats that Mom sent me (thanks Mom!) but they're really for dressier occasions, so just one pair of flats to get me through the year, I think, are sufficient. Goodbye sneakers!

The other day, Lucia, me, and another girl named Elizabeth who's also at a Cal State went down to Rue de Rivoli to check out the H&M. They had some cute stuff, nothing I really wanted. It's funny because all three of us are losing weight! Lucia is wearing a pair of jeans that she brought that were too small for her in the states, and now they're getting loose! As for me, a pair of jeans that were tight for me back home are now baggy and falling. Yay! I have to wear a belt. We all walk A LOT, and we go up 6 flights of stairs to class every day. I also have three short flights to my studio. Yay for hidden excercise! I'd like to buy pants later though when my current pants get really baggy, which I hope to God happens.

Oh! But I must say this, this boulangerie (breads, pastries and such..) that I go to sometimes across the street is really tasty and cool!! I was getting a tasty tart for dessert, and I had to repeat myself a couple of times, and she was like, "Oh, I understand, it's just this guy's talking (and she motions to this tourist by me) and I couldn't tell what he was saying, but I heard you, don't worry." And I thought that was so cool that she understood my French. Lovely. They make tasty sandwiches too.

Also, my prof made fun of me today in front of the class! It was a bit embarassing. She got a chair out for me because she wanted me to write on the board, and I'm short. And then she said I was too timid! Gosh, these French really speak their mind. Anyway, it was funny, and everyone was in such a crazy mood (even the prof!) because we were all tired. She didn't assign homework and just told us to go to sleep at 9.

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