jeudi 13 septembre 2007

bonne etudiante

Katia used me as an example yesterday! Yay! It always feels good to be an example. We were going over our homework for the verb tense "le conditionnel" and she liked my sentence. The conditionnal for us Americans would be the "would" verbs. Like I "would like" or I "would have done". My sentence was this:

Heureusement que le train avait un peu de retard, sinon je n'aurais pas rencontre l'homme de me vie. Which translates to, "Luckily, the train was late otherwise I would not have met the man of my life." Beautiful, no?

Anyway, she was glad that I used the "passe conditionnel", which is the past tense of the conditionnel. Also today, she complimented my writing and speaking because I apparently speak French really well since I don't let is sound like English. I articulate. But she also said that I need to speak up. It's funny, I noticed that my French voice is NOTHING like my American voice. My French voice is sort of softer and girly. Yikes, sorry for the French lesson, but you were due for one anyway.

I went to another H&M the other day with Lucia and Keisha and bought a cute black sweater vest in a SMALL! Yay! It totally fits. Tonight, we're going to go see 2 Days in Paris. It's written and directed by Julie Delpy and stars her and Adam Goldberg, who is hilarious. Awesome!

Tomorrow, we're going to Fontainebleu, and it should be really cool and fun. My friend Derrick planned a picnic.

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