jeudi 26 juillet 2007

goodbye san francisco day 4 and 5

Day 4, Thursday
Woke up with total purpose. I started packing my dishes, wrapping them in paper. Then I packed my winter clothes in my backpack, the new one I just bought. It's 3/4 packed, maybe less. I walked around the house with it on to see what it felt like. I packed maybe 4 day's worth of clothes including a heavy winter coat, and it didn't feel that bad.

Went to see Live Free or Die Hard with my friend Ben. We both have been wanting to see the film for a while. It was really good! Lots of great action sequences, and Justin Long was a good sidekick--not the whiny, annoying kind. We then ate at Tani's Kitchen, a little Japanese hole in the wall that's oh-so tasty and cheap. We took it back to my place where we watched parts of End of Days with C.

Later, I met with my friend Noriko on campus because I wanted to see her before I left. We had chai tea lattes at Borders--thanks for the latte! We talked, then conversed over books. We took a photo with a bookshelf in the background. It felt very Wes Anderson-esque. Then we parted ways--so sad! I asked her if she wanted anything, and she told me that she wanted me to intricately describe a dessert to her. She loves desserts. I will do so in my future posts. I asked her if she could make a mix cd for me for one of my travels to the countryside of France that I could listen to on the train since she loves making mix cds. Yay! I lurve music. All she had to do was mention Arcade Fire, and I was instantly thrilled.

Day 5, Friday
Started packing some more. My friend Jason from my last job called me if I wanted to go to lunch, and we ate at my favorite Pho place around the corner. It was tasty. Especially since it was a cold day.

Then we drove by the park where my picnic is taking place. I wanted to scope it out. C. came home, and we went to Costco to buy things for the picnic. We watched Reign of Fire after 'cuz Matthew Mcounnaghey (sp?), Christian Bale, and Gerard Butler are in it, and C. calls that a "trifecta". I was just happy to watch because Christian Bale's in it.

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