jeudi 26 juillet 2007

goodbye san fran day 3

Day 3. It's my friend Stacy's birthday. Happy B-day! We went with our other friend Rachel and saw Michael Moore's Sicko. Very good. I cried sometimes. There was a French bit, of course, since France has universal health care. I understood the French bits without the subtitles. It was exciting. Promising.

We then went to Mitchell's (see post below) to pick up her ice cream cake. She's a cinema studies major, and so her cake looks like a movie theatre screen with red curtains. We had an early dinner at Burgermeister. Stacy and I shared an avocado burger, and it was tasty. She and Rachel had root beer floats, and I had plain root beer. I thought that maybe they didn't have root beer in France, and tears almost came to my eyes...Not really. But there was some sadness. It feels stupid to miss something like root beer.

We enjoyed Stacy's cake back at her place, then I went home. Her and her friends went to enjoy the jazz festival in North Beach. I wasn't feeling well--major headache. I think it was my contact lenses.

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