mercredi 30 janvier 2008

tea over boys?

God, I'm weird.

Was outside the Mayflower with Morgan, Nayo, and Kathy when this hottie from Australia overheard us talking English and said hello. We were chatting (mostly them, I'm just listening really) with this really hot Australian, and all I could think about was some tea. A nice hot cup of tea. Like, how good would some chamomile tea be right now? Really good. Like, better than talking to a hot Australian guy with his lovely accent.

So I left and went home. And I'm typing with some chamomile at my right.

How am I ever going to meet boys when I'd rather be drinking tea? It's so crazy, right? And this guy is really nice, not boring, and very patient with my friends since two out of four of us are roaring drunk. He'd answer their questions very nicely and all that and wouldn't even flinch at their cursing. I'm not drunk at all. I'm coherent and shy, and it's hard to get in a word when all your friends are just dominating this dude. They've done this before. They have guy experience. I don't know, I'm just not the type that's forward and all that. The guy, David, is on this world tour right now, just left London and talking about all the places he's been. Very interesting and cool guy, the kind of guy I'd be into since he's into traveling, and yet I'm sitting at home drinking my tea.

It's amusing to me what my priorities are.

Conversations are interesting. Just how they lead from topic to topic. Today, everyone asked me how London was and I was telling them what I did, and someone interjects with something, and then another one interjects with something, and then I can never go back to talking about London. It's just gone so far off course that I can't go back to it. That happened today, and it happens a lot to me. And I don't want to be the person that's all, "Anyway, as I was saying..." I don't know. It just sucks when that happens. And I'm not a very talkative person, but when I want to talk and I can't, it sucks.

That's why I write so much. That's why I blog. I'm not very conversationally dominant and when I want to talk, people don't want to listen they just want to talk too, and I'm thrown off track. Sometimes people...they don't even wait until you put the period on your sentence. They just go right on in, like pressing "Play" right after "Pause". You're not even done with your sentence, and they start a new paragraph or a new page. Sometimes you know that even while you're talking, they're just waiting for they're turn to speak.

Blurg. I can always count on blog to listen.