mardi 9 octobre 2007

je suis souple

Je suis souple. I am flexible. Not in a bodily way, although I can touch my toes. But in the last two weeks, I've been hanging out with three groups of people. And, I think they like me, at least, I have a feeling that they enjoy my company, but it's really cool to know that I can get along with different people. I think it's a good trait to have, especially in the film industry when you have to be in contact with so many people. And you have to be likable and flexible.

Last Sunday, for the second time I hung out with Liz who is a super cool art student who's also going to St. Denis. We went to Musee D'Orsay (free on first Sunday of the month!). We saw a lot of Impressionist paintings, the art of Monet, Manet, Cezanne, and Van Gogh. It was incredible. I went home though cuz my contacts were bothering. I didn't let them soak enough since I came home late for Nuit Blanche.

Today, I hung out with Suzie and Taylor (SFSU students) for the first time. Suzie was in my class today, and we met up with Taylor after. We ate at a really great Greek sandwich place at St. Michel, got drinks at Franprix (I didn't though, I brought my own water), and then had the BEST ICE CREAM EVER, thanks to Suzie, who knew the place. Oh gosh: Caramel with salted butter and Chocolate Nutella. 2 huge scoops for 3euros. Best deal in town. The caramel wasn't even salty, as you might think. It just wasn't really sweet. Lovely. Then we met up with Sarah and Nayomee (also SFSU students). This was my first time hanging out with all these guys, and they were so much fun.

All these different groups I hang out with, Keisha, Lucia, and Meghann; Romina,Liz, Sarah and Lily; Kathy, Kristen and Morgan; and now Suzie, Taylor, Sarah and Nayomee--they're such great people, and I can't imagine anyone else to share my Paris experience with. I am so blessed. Not to say that I'm totally done with my friends back home, not at all, but I am just so glad to make more friends outside my circle of friends. It's nice.

We all walked back to St. Michel to get more school supplies. I had to get some notebooks and a highlighter. After that, we headed into a McDonald's (called Macdo, pronounced "mac-dough") so that Suzie can get free wi-fi. We talked for a while, then headed our separate ways.

Don't know why I had to write about that, but yeah. Will post an huge blog about my classes a la fin de la semaine.

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