jeudi 9 août 2007

lovely news!

My brother proposed to his girlfriend this past Sunday! Yes, I should have written about it in my last post, but I wasn't sure if they wanted to keep under wraps. He started by going to her parents' house and asking them for their permission--so sweet! Kuya is old school. And the Mom replied with, "YES! YES! YES!" And the father was just stunned. Kuya asked, looking towards the father, "Mr. A?" And the mother just answered for him, "YES! YES! YES!" Haha.

Then he went to her work (she's a pharmacist just like Kuya), and she got angry at him because she wanted them to meet at a party that they were going to. And he propsed to her in a parking garage at her work. Not exactly the most romantic of places, but totally cute nonetheless. She had no idea. And days before, he'd ask her douchebag questions like, "How long does it take to get a ring? Two months?" And she wouldn't answer him at all. She'd just stare at him in angry silence. Haha.

The ring is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I don't usually like jewelry, but this one is lovely. The diamond is an heirloom, given to Kuya by my grandmother. Kuya got it set in a vintage style ring. I lurve vintage. It looks like the ring has history, and it doesn't look like any other ring I have ever seen. God lovely.

Kuya had planned on proposing before I left, and the wedding is set for next fall, when I'm back. I'm glad he did propose, because now I've been spending time with Kuya and his fiancee, Kat, as they look at places to have the reception. Neato! I'm also a bridesmaid!!! I've never been a bridesmaid before. Fun fun fun.

To read Kat's post on her engagement, check it here!:

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