lundi 6 août 2007

it's getting close!

Wow, I'm less than three weeks away, and I'm not really sweating it. Seriously. There are times when I feel a bit scared for the future, and then the feeling evaporates and leaves behind all this excitement: I'm going to live in Paris! I'm going to improve my French! I'm going to meet loads of people from all over! These thoughts take over, and then I am okay. It's going to be okay.

I received my international driver's license at AAA for $15. I bought a raincoat when I went shopping with my friend Cher (aka Cherilin). I've set my winter clothes aside so that Mom can ship it to me. Everything is slowly coming to a close, winding down, leaving me to enjoy time with my family and friends.

Went to Coronado Beach down in San Diego for my cousin's daughter's birthday this past weekend, and it was absolutely gorgeous outside. And I walked along the beach with my cousin and brother's girlfriend, and we talked about boys and traveling, and it was lovely. Went to a casino with my Grandma, brother, and brother's girlfriend, and we had a grand old time too. It so weird knowing that I won't see them for close to a year. What can I do to somehow make up for all that lost time that I won't have with them? I can't. I have to make things count now.

Right now I'm cleaning my room, donating old clothes, and just throwing things away or recycling them. I'm listening to the Bottle Rocket soundtrack. It's very soothing and certain songs remind me of funny parts in the film. I can't go anywhere right now cuz I don't have a car, but that's okay.

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