jeudi 26 juin 2008


I'm in Valencia, home of paella and oranges. Can't write much since I've got more important stuffs to do on the interwebs like cancel hotel bookings and find new hotels--ah traveling! Things are going well. It's been really hot, and I've got a nice tan. We've stayed in a variety of places, from regular Holiday Inns to swanky, modern digs to beachside pretty cool.

Also, if you didn't read my birthday post, sorry, but I deleted it. I was not in a happy place when I wrote it, and I don't want it up here, so yeah. Count on regular Spain travel posts later on, maybe even after I've left Paris.

I leave Europe forever in a week. I can't believe it! I kind of wished I had more time in Paris, I've only got one day after we get back from Spain, and I have to pack, clean up the studio, and fix up loose ends. Scary. Okay, hasta luego for now!