vendredi 7 septembre 2007

french girls

If Los Angeles is high school, and San Francisco is college, then Paris is graduate school. Or maturity and adulthood. Seeing the girls here my age realized this. There have also been many other moments in which Paris has changed me, but anyway...

The girls. Oh. Dear. God. Some of the girls here are so gorgeous and dress up very nicely as well. Everyone here dresses really nice, actually. No one goes around Monoprix in their pajama bottoms and Uggs and hoodie. I've seen hoodies, but only on some little girls. The girls here my age dress like women, and it's nice. They exude this confidence through their style of clothing, their hair and faces. They look natural and don't look like they wear too much make-up. And they make it seem so effortless.

After seeing all these girls all I could think was, “I've been dressing like a kid all these years!” I'm 21 for crying out loud, and it's now that I finally realize this. I guess I don't want to grow up just yet, but now, wow, I want to dress like a woman and not a little girl. I want to wear skirts and dresses and flats and look like I'm going somewhere important. I want to carry a leather bag. For the first time in my life, I want to try wearing make-up. I don't want to look like a slob anymore, haha. Paris, look at what you're doing to me!!!

If I come home looking a bit Frenchified, looking like I have some style and class, then I will be excruciatingly happy.

Okay, I must mention this: bisous. When French people greet each other, they kiss (a bisou) each other on the cheek or brush cheeks against each other. Chris, my landlord, was showing me this cinema up the street, and this gorgeous girl with long brownish-blonde hair walks in wearing a dress, tights, and boots, and she bisoued Chris. Mes copains americains et moi say “bisoued”, as a Franglish verb, pronounced “bee-sued”. Then Chris introduced her to me, and she BISOUED me!!! She brushed her cheeks against mine, and I did the same. It was so nice!!! Man, after some of that Parisien rudeness, that little bit of Parisien love makes it all go away. Hee hee. I think I blushed like a little girl when she did that to me.

What happened today:
1. First French exam
2. Ate a panini with Keisha at outdoor cafe, and it was DELICIOUS.
3. Free Louvre day for students. More photos with Keisha and Lucia.
4. Drank hot cocoa while Lucia munched on a crepe, while watching the Eiffel tower sparkle.
5. Walked along the Seine at night. Watched the Eiffel tower sparkle once again.

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