lundi 20 août 2007

it's not all fun and games

It's hard to ignore the fact that bad things can happen. Not all trips are safe, end happily. There are bad people around who will hurt you for your money or other things. My uncle's friend who visited Spain was put into a chokehold until she was unconscious while they took her purse and money belt. She was walking down a strange dark alley at night. Anything can happen, but it's up to me to be on my guard and not do anything stupid.

Today, Dad was giving me his talk about protecting myself. I'm pretty cautious, and it takes me a while to trust people, but I've got to be on my guard abroad all the time. It's like a switch that must be on 24/7. It's fun when I turn it into a mind game, the kind of thing assassins or spies would train for. Looking for exits, checking if you're being followed. I've carried a knife with me ever since my Dad gave it to me when I turned 17. Having an older brother who could surprise tickle me or put me in a fake chokehold has quickened my reflexes. I could scream loudly if I really wanted to, and my karate teacher once told me that he liked the way I delivered a kick. I have all these things, but still. Dad says, "If anything happens...go for the kill." A scary quote, but I will do what I have to do to save my life or the lives of others.

I'm not going to lie and tell you that I love being a woman all the time. Sometimes I really don't. Guys have it easier. I hate being the prey. I hate the automatic assumptions. From what I learned about working on film shoots (where the majority of people on the crew are males), I'm my role first (whether it be assistant camera or director), and I'm a girl second. My sex has nothing to do with my job. My ability, my knowledge is sexless. I have a slogan at Gungirl Productions--my production company with my friend--and that's "Don't let your boobs get in the way of your filmmaking". Once you bring your gender into it, you lose everything. Let's stop arguing and make this film. Okay, enough about gender roles. I ramble.

All I'm saying is that everyone who travels has to be careful and not stupid and always aware. Girls, carry pepper spray, get your own drinks, and stay with friends. Guys, don't be stupid assholes and drink too much.

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Eli Edmundson a dit…

Look into Wing Chun, the form Bruce Lee originally studied and the only form of martial arts known to have been developed by a woman so is ideal for women and smaller people who can't rely on strength. I worry about knives because they can be turned against you and you might not have the courage to actually stab someone when it comes down to it. The class structure is also more like a cooperative sparring scenario so I feel is much more realistic than kicking in the air and what not and all the moves are based on body physics and no wasted movement. Most martial arts I don't believe have real world relevance, though of course the guys taking your money never believe that. Anyhow, that's my spiel. I walk late at night in big cities and I'm glad I have a little self defense knowledge, of course I avoid bad scenes and luckily have never had to use it, but having that confidence is a large part of it, bullies go for the weak not those who project body confidence. Good luck and safe journeys!