mardi 24 avril 2007


That means "hi" in French. One can also say it when one is leaving. Salut tout le monde! I'm Elaine, and I'm a junior at San Francisco State University. I just got accepted to the International Program in Paris!!! AAHHH!!! I found out over spring break.

I'm an avid blog fan. I have another one, which I'll put the link up later. But, I also wanted a way for my family and friends to read up on what I'm doing and see photos and all that. I suspect I might be too busy to respond to individual emails and such, so a blog might be the answer. I also thought it might be cool to start the blog early, just so that I can post about what I'm doing to prepare myself and all that. It's also a record about my time abroad to be displayed in the interwebs for all eternity. Immortality is sweet.

So, right now, I'm in that whole pre-departure stage where I'm getting loads of stuff done so that I can meet a deadline: May 15. I have paperwork for my courses, my financial stuff, health stuff, travel stuff, blah, blah, blah. It's tons of work! But I know I can do it and get it done. I'm pretty darn organized. I already bought my ticket through STA travel. A one-way ticket to Paris from Los Angeles for $400.

I swear, my heart was beating so fast when I clicked the purchase button. A freaking one-way ticket. And it's not like a one-way ticket from SFO to LAX. It's just to Paris. And I won't be back on U.S. soil for a little less than a year. Strange.

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